Every day we face Molds, Bacteria and even Yeast in the air we breathe. Because of this, if you grow buds, chances are it will affect your plants if you are not careful! Growing your cannabis in a nice clean air filled room will help prevent microbial damaging your plant. However, because they exist whether we like it or not, it won’t matter in small doses. Although there are some microbial which prove to be toxic even at these levels. Creating harmful flu like symptoms and even some cancers.

Inhaling these microbes is how they will affect a human being. People going through chemotherapy offer a higher risk of being affected by the organisms. Meaning even low levels can lead to fatalities. In some cases, Aspergillus niger is known as a toxic microbial which will cause Aspergillus nodulosis. This is why the plants must undergo thorough testing and sterilisation before taking the products.

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