Medical and medicinal, what is actually the difference? The word medical means to pertain to the practice of medicine. Whereas, medicinal is to actually have the properties of medicine to pertain medical. Medicinal as a word covers a variety of plants used for medical purposes. Because of this cannabis happens to be one of them. Using the plant to treat a variety of illnesses and diseases throughout the world.

Cannabis is fast becoming more and more popular as a method of medicinal medicine. Due to changing laws, medicinal cannabis in Australia is now the new craze. With dispensaries opening up right across the country. You will need to consult your local cannabis GP first. The difference between standard street cannabis and medical cannabis is simple. One is grown using approved farmhouses and equipment. These include nutrients and everything else required to grow a plant. While the other could have been grown in your neighbours’ bathtub using harmful plant steroids. The extensive testing on medical cannabis prior to human consumption makes the strain ideal before ever being distributed.

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