MDMA Test Kit Australia

MDMA Test Kit Australia: Learn more about them here! And popular testing kits on the market.

Tester All In One ClariChem MDMA Testing Kit

This testing kit will enable the user to test pills and powders for the presence of different illicit substances that are in your pills or crystals. The All In One ClariChem MDMA Testing Kit contains 5 x 25mL bottles| this multi-use testing kit is suitable for conducting 50+ tests from each bottle.

  • Mandelin Reagent (25ml) is used to identify substances like Ketamine and deadly drugs like PMA and PMMA.
  • Marquis Reagent (25ml) tests for ecstasy, cathinone, bath salts, DXM 2C-B meth amphetamines.
  • Mecke Reagent (25ml) tests for the presence of MDxx| DXM| cathinone and 2C-T-x substances. 
  • Simon’s Reagent A (25ml) and Simon’s Reagent B (25ml) bottles. Simon’s Reagent A & B is a secondary test kit that tests between MDMA and MDA and methamphetamine and amphetamine or MDPV and methylene present in the pills.

What Is MDMA?

Ecstasy (also known as ecstasy) is a psychoactive drug that produces feelings of euphoria, empathy, and increased energy. It was first synthesized in 1912 by Alexander Shulgin, who called it “2C-B.” In the 1970s, it became popular among clubgoers and ravers.

Test MDMA Before Taking The Drug

Given these points, if you plan on taking MDMA, you should test your levels before doing so. This will help ensure that you do not overdose. Important to realize you can use an online drug test kit to check if your MDMA is laced.

To summarize: be safe and know what you are taking.


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All in all, We recommend this ClariChem MDMA Testing Kit

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MDMA Test Kit Australia

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