Marinol: in brief, It is a legal cannabinoid oral type medication. This has dronabinol in it. Dronabinol is basically a synthetic type of THC. THC is what gives you that kick ass high from cannabis. However, because Marinol is FDA approved, many doctors use it to treat illness. Things like nausea or vomiting people experience from chemotherapy. Also, helping with anorexia for HIV and AIDS patients.

Furthermore, we can have Marinol in a few different ways. However, the main way people take it is oral. Each capsule contains synthetic THC. Combining the THC with sesame seed oil. Basically, once the capsule begins to work, the THC helps to appetise the stomach. Because of this, it starts to decrease nausea by binding with receptors in the nervous system. Marinol can cause psychoactive effects just like smoking cannabis. Although, some people experience depressive effects.

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