Live Resin

Live resin is a compound made from cannabis. Firstly, the cannabis plant flower is essentially the main ingredient for making live resin. Secondly, the flower or ‘buds’ as we Aussies call them must be fresh and not dried out. This method reduces the number of terpenes lost through the drying process. Live resin is basically the bitcoin of cannabis because of its purity.

Moreover, the things like stems and the larger fan leaves are not part of producing it. Instead of heating the cannabis, we actually freeze it instead! This method will create a new experience for cannabis consumption. The process for it is simple. Once it is frozen, extracting the resin for its essential oils or concentrates is underway. Basically, these oils consist of terpenes. Terpenes are compounds that are the form of cannabis. They give people the texture, smell, and feelings we get from cannabis.

The look and texture of it:

For example, tree sap is actually a form of resin. Each plant contains different terpenes that are made up of that particular plant. Moreover, citrus is an example of a terpene. You can say a lemon tree has citrus as a type of terpene. Citrus gives lemons a sour taste. Resin from cannabis should be runny and golden. the finest concentration of live resin is what we call shatter. Basically, shatter is hard and rigid, making it hard to find. This is because the terpenes in cannabis usually make live resin runny and smooth.

How do we consume Live Resin?

Consuming cannabis concentrates like resin is easy. Nowadays, people are inventing tools for this purpose. Glass dab rigs are the most popular. Dabbing these concentrates requires things like glass to handle the heat required to melt things like shatter or resin. Also, you can easily vape resin through special vape pens made for resin. Having a resin vape allows you to be able to have live resin anywhere.

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