The Population of Aussies is growing at a large rate. While all these new things are happening, Legalising cannabis is fast becoming a reality. Although it is not legal as of yet. 1 out of 3 people are pushing for it. The push for legalisation must start with the medical milestone first. While using medicinal cannabis is becoming more and more common. Utilising cost-effective methods, the government will benefit from recreational cannabis use in Australia.

Regulations and Policies are up to each state on deciding the fate of the matter. This decision must outweigh the good from the bad. The benefits and the health effects also. including the cost if it were to be harmful. With all this to think about, the decision won’t happen overnight. We do know that the cost and benefits of both legalisations are positive outcomes so far. However, many Australians do still see cannabis as a harmful substance. This all depends on the consumption method. Smoking something will always be regarded as a harmful way of consuming cannabis.

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