Leaves or a leaf is the primary source of energising a plant. Green Chlorophyll in the cannabis plant leaf will act like a harvester for the suns light. Transforming the light into an energy source to fuel the plant. Without the leaves, the plant will not optimise vital nutrients to grow properly. Although these leaves are important for the plant, they are not why cannabis is actually grown. Nowadays cannabis is grown throughout the world for its flowers or buds. Each plant provides its own unique terpenes and cannabinoids aiding illness and health problems throughout the world.

Although buds are the primary target for growing cannabis, the leaves still have their uses to us. Every plant has its own unique leaves. Offering vibrant colours and sizes. ranging between 7 all the way up to 13 leaves per plant! Out of all the different strains there are only two primary leaf types. The fan leaf and the sugar leaf. Because of this each leaf have their own range of uses.

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