Isopulegol Minty Flavour

Isopulegol Minty Flavour: In brief, this is a terpene of the cannabis plant which has a minty flavour and scent. This terpene is like menthol. Because of this, you will notice the minty flavour. We class it as a secondary terpene. This means you may not notice it in cannabis. However, there are 3 strains of cannabis where you can notice the minty flavour. They are, kosher Tangie, Headband, and OG Kush with higher levels of isopulegol in these strains.

With this purpose in mind, mint, eucalyptus, lemongrass are just a few plants with isopulegol. The way Isopulegol Minty Flavour works in plants is simple. The smell of isopulegol protects the plant from bugs that want to eat the plants. Although, that same scent attracts pollinators like bees. learn even more With our A to Z definitions category.

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