Is Smoking Weed Bad For You?

Is Smoking Weed Bad For You?

All thanks to the researches that took place to change the concept that cannabis is always wrong to consume. The legalization of weed is the result of those researches. Now people are well aware cannabis is for recreational use, as well as medical purposes. Now everyday people do not buy the idea that cannabis is harmful to take.

Inherent risks of smoking weed:

The truth is that we want to have a clear answer about if weed is bad or good for consumption. The answers are not that simple to describe in just one word.

The most important thing in this regard is to look into the method to consume weed. Polyaromatic hydrocarbons form whenever the plant of cannabis gets combusted. Nevertheless, these toxins are in both tobacco as well as cannabis smoke. One of the most significant risks is to expose a person to these toxins.

Researches have proved that smoking cigarette is way more dangerous as compared to smoking weed. When people smoke cigarettes, they are at risk of developing cancer. However, no such risk is associated with smoking weed.

Potential side effects:

Smokers have different experiences of consuming weed; people take weed for different reasons, and people also used different consumption methods. Many people do not experience any harmful effects of cannabis on their health. However, many people talk about the bad effects of smoking cannabis has on their health.

Some people may experience to be anxious, tired or unmotivated after consuming cannabis. Few people develop cannabis use disorder as well. Such people should avoid smoking weed. 

Every consumption method, including smoking, has potential side effects. Some of those associated with smoking cannabis include:

Frequency and duration of taking cannabis increase the risks which are associated with cannabis.

Is there anyone who should not smoke weed?

Specific group of people should avoid smoking weed. 

1. People under the age of 21:

Firstly, the evidence says that cannabis should not be consumed when brain is stll developing. So, people who are under the age of 21, should avoid smoking weed.

2. People with psychotic disorder:

You should avoid consuming weed if you are having any kind of mental disorder like schizophrenia.

3. Pregnant and breastfeeding women:

Although research is still continued on whether pregnant and breastfeeding women should or should not consume or smoke weed. It would be the best to avoid cannabis for the health  of the kid, according to some expertise.

4. People with cannabis use disorder: 

secondly, If smoking cannabis is bringing negative change in your life, you should avoid consuming it.

5. People on certain medications:

Thirdly, Cannabis has the ability to interact with some pharmaceutical drugs. If you are using medications for blood pressure, blood thinner, any cardiac condition, it would be the best for you to talk about consuming cannabis with your doctor first.

Last but not least, All the above-mentioned people should avoid taking cannabis. People from these groups can still consume cannabis if marijuana doctors prescribe t for a medical condition.  


There is no doubt that consuming cannabis has some risks. These risks are way lesser than the risks which Involve smoking cigarettes. Cannabis has both sides of the coin. It can be good as well as bad. it can be healthy as well as unhealthy. However, Ensuring that cannabis is good for you depends on a number of factors like your history, your own health, and the method to consume cannabis.


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