is mugwort legal in Australia?

is mugwort legal in Australia?

Mugwort a common herb people use as a method of apparently getting high. For centuries mugwort has been the pinnacle of herbs that give you a funny sensation after consumption. However is mugwort legal in Australia? The answer to your question is yes mugwort is legal in Australia. However we do recommend you follow local laws and guidelines granted by your specific state. Before consuming mugwort we recommend you consult a doctor beforehand. Wanna buy some Mugwort?

What do we use mugwort for?

For years humans have come up with common solutions for problems using this fascinating plant. However, mugwort is actually a weed not a plant. This is because when it is given the chance it tends to spread aggressively just like a weed does and is a common relative to ragweed. The benefits of the plant far out grow the negatives. things like, energy boosting, liver health, and even helping with itchiness. Often, the itchiness relates to burns and scars.

other common benefits mugwort helps to improve:
  • natural repellent for insects
  • flavouring foods
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Period Pains
  • Sleep problems
  • Depression
Taking mugwort. preparing if for consumption and the dosages:

cooking mugwort into your dishes is a common way of having it! Although, extracting, and drying the leaves of the plant is the most common way. Burning or smoking things like, dried leaves or oils of mugwort is the most common way of consumption. Although, making a tea from mugwort is the healthiest most soothing! Smoking mugwort is believed to bringing on vivid dreams when we sleep and producing psychotropic effects when we are awake after doing so. Before consuming mugwort the dosage depends on two main factors. Things like, your age and health are the most important. Consult a doctor about your personal recommended dose for mugwort. Each package containing mugwort will have a recommended dose labelled on the package.

Potential side effects of mugwort

Nowadays, we still use mugwort to help with many of our day and age issues. However, smoking or consuming mugwort in some circumstances can prove to be harmful to your health. Pregnant women and women who are breast feeding are not obligated to take mugwort. This is because, mugwort can have an effect on causing the uterus to contract. This can cause misacarriages! Nor is it safe for children or infants! Consulting your doctor before you take mugwort is beneficial. This is because, mugwort reacts to people with different types of plant allergies. Find out the list of plants here!

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