is Damiana legal in Australia

is Damiana legal in Australia? Damiana is an ancient herb known for helping people with many different things thousands of years ago. Although right up until now damiana is a common herb we as people still use today. Things like sex drive, anxiety while aiding people with addictions are all health benefits from damiana. However, is Damiana legal in Australia? The answer is yes. For now, that is. This is because there is not much plausible research being done for people consuming the plant as a way of health. However, the tides are turning for the research of damiana as a plant. Want to try Damiana today? BAD-ASS DAMIANA HERBAL SMOKE MIX

States in America like, Louisiana actually refer damiana as a prohibited plant as of the 8th of August in 2005. Meaning, that plant or plants materials are totally illegal for human consumption. Not only them, for years the united kingdom struggled with a substance with the street name ‘Black Mamba‘. The substance was a mix between damiana herbs and Synthetic cannabis agents. Because of this, many people began getting ill after having the substance. However, the black mamba is now illegal in the UK. However, Damiana still remains legal.

How do we take Damiana?

Damiana people are consuming damiana in many different ways. For example, Herbal teas, smoking and even cooking. Making you set to feel euphoric. Many people say consuming lots of damiana will end up giving you hallucinogenic effects. Also having damiana with cannabis is said to enlighten your high making you energetic. All in all, over thousands of years, the life of the plant and its different ways of affecting the human body are common practices all throughout the world.

Is their damiana for sale in Australia?

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