Humulene Or Monocyclic Sesquiterpene

Humulene Or Monocyclic Sesquiterpene is a primary source that gives cannabis its vibrant smell. Giving our hops beers the earthy, wooden spiced aroma we all love. Both cannabis as a plant and hops as a beer both benefit having Humulene as a terpene. Although its not just found in cannabis. The terpene continues to operate as a medical remedy throughout the eastern world for centuries. However extensive research today will back the idea of it providing herbal aid.

With this purpose in mind, testing on hops, black pepper and ginseng all contain high traces of Humulene Or Monocyclic Sesquiterpene. Becoming a medical sensation as a anti-inflammatory, antibacterial as well as an diet supplement. Reacting with the human body preventing the urge to constantly eat food! More so sometimes being the reason people lose their appetite after cannabis consumption. Death star, Headband, Original Glue and even candy land contain high amounts of Humulene. Becoming a main terpene giving cannabis its unique smell and flavour.

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