How Your Genes Influence Your Response To Cannabis

How your genes influence your response to cannabis. Cannabis has the power to provide many experiences in the human body. Cannabis can change the way we interact with people. It can make us sleepy. Weed can change our perspective to look at the world. The plant can even relieve the symptoms of debilitating diseases. Every product of
Cannabis produces different effects on human beings. Nevertheless, the same cannabis product can generate different effects among different individuals. Few smokers do not get affects by the joints, while others experience intoxication.

Can some people be immune to Cannabis?

Cannabis leaves its effects through some mechanisms and targets within our body and brain. CB1 and CB2 receptor sites play their role in this regard. The receptors proteins manufactured within our cells. The blueprints to build them remain in our DNA just like other proteins our cells produce. The source of inherited diseases can be a genetic mutation.

Decades ago, mutations in CB1 receptors noted. So far, scientists have identified 15 variations of this gene in humans. When the blueprints for the different proteins, the function of the protein almost always affects it.

This means that right now, you are walking around with one of at least 15 different versions of the CB1 receptor protein. In some cases, a CB1 mutation could make you more vulnerable to diseases like anorexia, Crohn’s, or addiction. However, it could drastically alter your sensitivity to the molecules that bind to it (like THC). Nevertheless, It could explain why an individual’s sensitivity to cannabis intoxication could be greater or lesser than the 14 other friends sharing the joint.

FAAH Gene linked to Weed:

Eleven mutations are there in the human FAAH gene. Also, seven mutations are there in the CB2 receptor. The mutations will be undergoing research. However, the truth that mutations that affect the cannabis experience to genes only. However, few people have mutations in the AKT gene. This Gene is associated with cancer. The people who have this mutation are more open to making errors after having cannabis.

The human liver has another important variation of the endocannabinoid system. When you take cannabis with your mouth, it gets into your liver even before the cannabinoids can get into your bloodstream. The liver process substances because it has many enzymes. One of the more notable enzymes in the liver converts delta-9-THC into 11-hydroxy-THC. However, this is even more potent at activating the CB1 receptor and inducing intoxication. There are virtually countless individual differences in liver functions’ efficiency and diversity that could affect our experience with edible Cannabis.

How your genes influence your response to cannabis. You possess the mutation gene which is responsible for changing your cannabis experience right from your birth. But you can even develop the mutation later in life.

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