How To Detox From THC

How To Detox From THC

How to detox from marijuana. If you smoked a strain of cannabis high in THC, and you have a drug test to pass. But there are chances that the drug test will reveal traces of psychoactive cannabinoid in your body. Psychoactive cannabinoids show traces in the blood, urine, and hair.

The question is if there is any way to remove the traces of THC from your system before taking the drug test? We are going to discuss it all in this article.

What is detoxification?

How to detox from marijuana: When you remove all the traces of THC from your body or you wait your body gets cleaned naturally from the traces of THC, which is known as detoxification. It would be best if you let your body remove all the traces by itself.

How long does it take to detox from THC?

How to detox from marijuana: When you smoke cannabis, psychoactive effects of THC leave your body within two hours but the compound takes more than 30 days to leave your body. This long period is challenging as far as detoxification of your body is concerned.

Does exercise help to detox from THC?

Dr. Adie Poe, assistant scientist at the Legacy Research Institute in Portland, Oregon, and scientific adviser to Weedmaps, weighed in: “Exercise can release stored THC from adipose (fat) tissue. Theoretically, exercise might help to speed up the detox process, but perhaps only marginally (28 days instead of 30). There is no scientific evidence showing that exercising can speed up the detox process and help you pass a drug test sooner than you would have without exercise.”

People who are lean, they store less THC metabolites in their bodies because they have fast metabolism. But if someone smokes cannabis on daily basis, the traces can be detected in his/her blood or urine. 

Do detox drinks remove THC from the body?

Smokers use cranberry juice or green tea to detox their bodies but the question is do these solutions really flush the traces out of your body out?

Dr. Poe explained, “When it comes to passing a drug screen, ‘detox drinks’ don’t actually remove THC from the body or urine. Instead, they trick the laboratory test by artificially loading up the urine sample with vitamins and proteins like creatinine…it’s like adding sugar to coffee. Adding sugar doesn’t change the number of bitter compounds in your cup, it just masks them, tricking your brain into thinking it’s less bitter.”

Do THC detox kits really work?

First of all, detox kits are not recommended by FDA. But these kits are indeed a quick way to detox the body from the traces of THC. Detox kits can be harmful.

How can I pass the drug text while smoking cannabis?

You should go for the other options if you want to smoke cannabis and do not want to get it to trace in your blood test. CBD oils and tinctures only have trace levels of THC. They can be used in different recipes.

Cannabis strains which have low THC levels is another option. Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin, and ACDC are few of the strains which has low levels of THC. 

Which is the best way to detox from THC?

According to Dr. Poe, “the only way to truly ‘detox’ (remove the drug from the body) is to wait it out. The liver metabolizes THC, and its metabolites are further broken down, over time, until there are no more traces left. This process can take 30 days or more for a daily cannabis user.”

The best way to detox your body is the natural one. Just wait until nature removes all the traces of THC from your body. Drinking water, doing yoga, and sipping detox drinks cannot let you detox fast. However, they are a sure way for you to stay relax. 


As much as we all love a quick fix, abstaining from cannabis for 30 days or more may be the only way to guarantee that THC won’t show up on a drug test.

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