How to Clean Your Bong with Methylated Spirits

How to Clean Your Bong with Methylated Spirits

How to Clean Your Bong with Methylated Spirits

How to Clean Your Bong with Methylated Spirits? Cleaning your bong is an essential step in ensuring the best possible smoking experience. Bongs can be quite tricky to clean, but not to worry, methylated spirits are here to save the day! In this blog post, we will go over the step-by-step guide on how to clean your bong with methylated spirits. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of bong cleaning.

How to Clean Your Bong with Methylated Spirits

Step 1 – Dismantle Your Bong:

The first step in cleaning your bong is to dismantle all the parts, including the bowl, downstem, and any other removable parts. This will allow you to clean each part thoroughly without leaving any residue. Be sure to place all the pieces in a container or sink filled with hot water to soften any resin and dirt buildup.

Step 2 – Prepare Methylated Spirits:

Methylated spirits are an efficient cleaning agent that helps break down resin buildup in your bong. For this, we will need to mix methylated spirits and hot water in a 1:3 ratio in a container. Ensure that the mixture is not too hot as it may cause damage to the glass parts of the bong. You may add a few drops of lemon or mint extract for an extra touch of freshness.

Step 3 – Soak and Shake:

Soak all the removable parts of your bong, including the bowl and downstem, in the methylated spirits mixture for a minimum of 30 minutes or until the buildup is softened. Ensure the mixture covers all parts of the bong. After soaking, give it a good shake to dislodge any leftover buildup. Rinse each part with hot water for a clean finish.

Step 4 – Clean the Bong:

Once all removable parts are clean, it’s time to clean the bong itself. Pour the methylated spirits mixture into your bong, covering all surfaces, including the percolator. Use a brush to scrub any tough spots and build-up gently. Let the mixture sit in the bong for 10-15 minutes, then give it a thorough rinse with hot water until the water runs clean.

Step 5 – Dry and Assemble:

Now that all parts and the bong itself are clean, it’s time to dry them thoroughly. Additionally, use a towel or paper towel to dry each part properly. Once all parts are dry, reassemble them into the bong and get ready for a tasty, clean smoking session.

Conclusion on How to Clean Your Bong with Methylated Spirits

Furthermore, cleaning your bong with methylated spirits is an efficient and effective way to remove resin and tar buildup that may compromise your smoking experience. In brief, It is crucial to clean your bong regularly, and using methylated spirits is an excellent choice. Finally, we hope this step-by-step guide has been informative and will help you with your bong cleaning endeavors.

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