How to Clean a Bong With Hot Water And Salt

How to Clean a Bong With Hot Water And Salt

How to Clean a Bong With Hot Water And Salt

How to Clean a Bong With Hot Water And Salt? Whether you’re a regular cannabis smoker or enjoy it occasionally, keeping your bong clean is important for an optimal smoking experience. A dirty bong can affect the taste of your bud and even cause health problems. The good news is that cleaning your bong with hot water and salt is an effective and affordable method that requires no extra cleaning supplies. Follow these simple steps to clean your bong like a professional.

Empty Your Bong:

Before cleaning your bong, empty it into a sink or trash can. Rinse your bong with warm water and shake it to get rid of any remaining water.

Gather Materials:

You’ll need hot water, coarse salt, and a brush or pipe cleaner. The amount of salt you need depends on the size of your bong; typically, 2-4 tablespoons should be sufficient.

Cover the Holes:

It’s important to cover all the holes in your bong to prevent the salt and hot water from spilling out. Use duct tape or your fingers to cover the holes; the bowl, mouthpiece, and carb hole.

Add Hot Water and Salt:

Pour the hot water into your bong until it’s nearly full. Add salt, then gently swirl the water to distribute the salt. If your bong is particularly dirty, you might need to add more salt.

Shake It Up:

Once your bong’s hot water and salt are added, seal the holes, and shake well. Be sure to grip the bong tightly with both hands and place your thumbs over the mouthpiece. Shake the bong until all the resin has been thoroughly loosened and removed.

Rinse with Warm Water:

Empty the dirty water from your bong and set it under a stream of warm water. Rinse your bong until all the salt has been removed and the water runs clear.

How to Clean a Bong With Hot Water And Salt

Using hot water and salt to clean your bong is an easy and effective way to keep your bong in great condition. It’s important to ensure that you rinse it thoroughly with warm water afterward to remove any remaining salt. Keep your bong cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup of mold and bacteria. Now that you’ve learned how to clean your bong like a professional, you can enjoy your smoking experience with ease.

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