How Cannabis Became Illegal

How Cannabis Became Illegal

How Cannabis Became Illegal

How Cannabis Became Illegal

The Early Days

How Cannabis Became Illegal? Firstly, to fully grasp the story, let’s go back in time. This green plant, once valued for its medicinal and industrial uses, saw a drastic shift in perception in the early 20th century.

The Role of Media

Misinformation played a critical role. Sensationalist media painted this plant as a societal menace. They used fear tactics, associating it with crime, and consequently, public opinion started to shift.

The “Marihuana Tax Act”

The pivotal point came in 1937 with the “Marihuana Tax Act”. Ostensibly, this law aimed at taxing the plant. In practice, however, it led to a significant decline in its usage.

The Controlled Substances Act

Fast forward to 1970, and the situation worsened. The “Controlled Substances Act” classified our green friend under the most restrictive category, effectively criminalizing it.

The Racial Undertones

It’s crucial to note that the prohibition carried strong racial undertones. Authorities disproportionately targeted minorities, using the ban as a tool for racial profiling and discrimination.

The Winds of Change

Despite its troubled past, we’re now seeing a shift. More and more states are decriminalizing or legalizing this plant, recognizing its therapeutic and economic potential.

To sum up, the journey of this green plant from acceptance to prohibition is a convoluted one. A mix of misinformation, racial bias, and legislative actions contributed to its illegal status. But as knowledge and understanding grow, we’re starting to see changes. Old misconceptions are fading, and a more balanced view is emerging. This shift gives hope to the advocates and users of this plant, indicating a brighter future for this misunderstood green ally. It’s a potent reminder that societal attitudes can change over time, especially when we approach things with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge.

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How Cannabis Became Illegal

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