Hon Lik

Hon Lik

Hon Lik The God Of Vapes – AKA [The Vape-Father]

Herbert A. Gilbert submitted a patent for a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette in the early 1960s, marking the beginning of vaping’s history.

In 2003, a pharmacist called Hon Lik who had grown weary of smoking heavily patented the first modern vapouriser. Hon Lik says he came up with the idea for his creation after having a nightmare about drowning in a sea that changed into a cloud of vapour when he was sleeping with a nicotine patch on.

To be more precise, the automobile is the property of Fontem Ventures, a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco from the Netherlands that purchased Hon’s patents for $75 million (£49 million) in 2013. These patents were originally owned by Dragonite, a Hong Kong-based company founded by Hon and a Chinese investor. Although Hon only received a small portion of the payment, he currently serves as a consultant for Fontem and travels the world discussing the origins of the e-cigarette.


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Hon Lik The God Of Vapes – AKA [The Vape-Father]

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