Happy 7/10 International Dab Day

Happy 7/10 International Dab Day

Happy 7/10 International Dab Day: Did you know that July 10th is known as “dab day”? This day is also called International Oil Day by some people. If you flip the date 710 upsides down and backwards, it looks like the word “oil.” This is why 7/10 was chosen as the day to celebrate dabbing and cannabis concentrates. The day 7/10 is believed to have been given its name in 2012, but it wasn’t until a few years later that it became associated with hash oil.

There are many ways to celebrate 7/10 days. One way is to dab at 7:10 am or 7:10 pm. You can also use hashtags like #710Life, #710Society, or simply #710 to show your support. Another way to celebrate is to try a new concentration or method of dabbing. You can even gather with fellow dabbers to celebrate the day together, either in person or virtually.

even to-today the origins of 7/10 days are not well-known to the public, it has become a popular day for die-hard cannabis dabber enthusiasts to celebrate the fine art of dabbing and the use of cannabis concentrates, and the effects of cannabis.


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Happy 7/10 International Dab Day

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