Basically, Geranyls is rich in fragrance and is an essential component of more than 60 essential oils. Generally, Lemongrass, coriander, sassafras, and geranium are a few of such essential oils. Also, It has a very pleasant and strong floral aroma. This terpene has antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

What is it?

With this purpose in mind, this type of terpene is a part of a number of botanicals and essential oils. However, Almond seeds, celery, and coffee are few such products. Furthermore, this terpene has been in natural medicine for a long. It can treat stomach ache in traditional Chinese medicine. It is can relieve swelling in eastern medicine.     

Geranyls in everyday life:

Geranyls is being in both the fragrance and food industry. You must have encountered a number of your eating experiences and even in your self-care routine. Shampoos, gels and baby powders are a few of the products which have this type of terpene in them. It can increase fragrance in them. Likewise, if you’ve ever lit rose or lavender incense in your home or placed a jar of potpourri in the bathroom, you may have experienced geranyls.

Therapeutic properties of geranyls:

Geranyls has antimicrobial, antifungal and antitumor properties.


With that being said, a study wrote in the Oncology Journal J BUON back in 2018, which successfully demonstrates the antitumor properties of geranyl. this type of terpene uses a number of mechanisms to attack cancerous cells.

Antimicrobial and antifungal:

Algerian and Spanish researchers investigated the antimicrobial and antifungal properties of helichrysum italicum essential oil back in 2017. Geranyl is a major component of this essential oil. Researchers found that this oil had a strong fight against yeast, bacteria and Fungai.


Moreover, In 2013, Toxicology journal published findings of a study showing that pains can be relieved with high doses of this type of terpene.

Role of geranyl in cannabis:

Generally, Cannabis strains that are really rich in geranyl provide floral and fruit aroma. Furthermore, As a component of cannabis, geranyl may offer therapeutic enhancement described as the entourage effect.


To conclude, this type of terpene has a floral profile and anti-inflammatory effects as well. Also, This terpene is being used in many medical and industries.

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