bud, nugs, udsbay, whatever we call it cannabis flower is the most sort after part of the cannabis plant. This is because, the plants’ terpenes and cannabinoids are largely stored among the flower. Which in terms is the part us people use to smoke. Smoking cannabis is a tradition people enjoy since the dawn of time. The flower is trichome coming from a female cannabis plant. The plants flower offers many different benefits upon consumption. Nowadays, baking, compressing, and smoking the flower are the most common ways to consume the buds.

Dispesaries for cannabis offer many different kinds of cannabis buds. From private reserve (high end or premium buds) to the bottom shelf (standard). However, every bud provides you with its own unique way of benefits. Each flower contains terpenes and cannabinoids unique to the plant. Aiding people all over the world for many different health issues. Cannabis as a whole is beginning to change the world entirely. With more and more countries becoming more accepting of the plant. Furthermore allowing for it to be used for its beneficial aid in health, beauty and even clothing.

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