Fenchol terpene is a monoterpene. Making it the smallest molecular terpene on the market. Offering odour of camphor, and pine with a hint of lemon. Although the terpene shows up in many different plant species. The terpene also shows up in cannabis strains. The Terpene offers many different health benefits. Offering antibacterial, antimicrobial. As well as a great source of antioxidants. The odour of the terpene makes fenchol a common perfume ingredient.

Fenchol plays a vital role in the cannabis plant. This is because fenchol will biosynthesise to CGBA from geranyl pyrophosphate and olivetolic acid. In fact, CGBA is the first stage for certain cannabinoids. CBG, CBD, CBC and of course THC. Each terpene has its own molecular pattern. This gives cannabis strains their own unique taste and smell. Og Kush and Bana Kush have high Traces of Fenchol. Because of this, the strains have their own vigorous odour. While some countries used the terpene as herbal penicillin. Proving to ease pain and aid bacterial infection.

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