Ethanol Hash Oil Extract

Ethanol Hash Oil Extract (EHO) is done using ethanol alcohol for extracting cannabinoids and terpenes. Ideally done using a cannabis plant. Although extracting with ethanol has the potential to be a dangerous way of extracting, there are safe ways of doing so. In fact, the FDA is classing the method as a safe practice. Regarding EHO as a healthier extraction process. Doing the process in cold allows the terpenes and cannabinoids for better preservation.

However, before we do the cold ethanol extracting process, we need to decarboxylate the buds first. Usually putting them into an oven or heating element at low heat. This will release the cannabinoids and terpenes before we want to preserve them. Soaking the cannabis flower in alcohol. After this, some people will preserve the plant by letting it sit for a certain amount of time. The next step is to evaporate the alcohol using heat. Leaving you with oil.

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