Ensemble Effect

The ensemble effect consists of two or more cannabis compounds creating something potent. This is because it is a better method. Rather than relying on the compounds to affect the person or thing individually. Going around the world more commonly as “entourage effect”. separating one cannabis as the main component while the others act as a secondary compound. Although this is not always the case. Because of this, each cannabinoid among the strain of the plant offers different benefits and potency.

Mixing the compounds allow for a much more potent effect than if we were to take alone. For example, ingesting cannabis or CBD with THC (smoking weed) will prove a much stronger effect on the human body. The THC binds with the CB1’s brain receptors. CAusing a psychoactive reaction to the brain. CBD then works to maximise the high by binding to the CB1 receptor also. Making this easy to notice while taking small doses of each together.

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