Dry sifting

In the world of cannabis the plant produces many different extracts. Dry sift happens to be one of these extracts. Creating this with an accumulation of trichome glands deriving from cured cannabis. Known for its intense potency and euphoric effects on the human brain. Being the cheapest extract cannabis produces. Although, making the product can be a difficult process. The potency of the dry sift really all depends on the chosen cannabis.

Using special solvents to extract the trichomes from cannabis leaves us with dry sift. Featuring a sandy dust like a appearance. However, some countries will or not class dry sift as an actual extract. This is because dry sift trichomes are moved mechanically from the plant material without using solvents. Meaning, this can easily be done at home by placing a plant onto a tray and sifting it. This then leaves the dust residue left over.

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