Does Weed Give You A Headache?

As a matter of fact, Does Weed Give You A Headache? However, People divide on this topic. A large part of cannabis users believes that smoking cannabis relieves them from headaches and migraines. Anecdotes abound explain that smoking weed is the main culprit as far as headaches are concerned. 

Nevertheless, both individual and anecdotal evidence is valid but scholarly research is always handy to support any of the two explanations.

Evidence that cannabis helps with headaches: 

Basically, studies have been proving the usage of cannabis to get rid of headaches. Medications to treat headaches are not always effective. Sometimes they trigger intense headaches. This condition, also known as medication overuse headaches.

The findings of a number of surveys prove that cannabis can be used to ease headaches are especially migraines. 

A study published in the journal of Integrative medicine in 2020. The study explained that the dried cannabis flowers used to treat migraines and headaches. 699 participants took part in the researches between 2016 and 2019. 

A June 2020 study published in the Journal of Pain investigated the effects of cannabis on headaches and migraines. The study used archival data from Strainprint, a medical cannabis app that enables patients to track symptoms before and after using cannabis. The study’s authors analyzed data from 12,293 sessions where cannabis used to treat headaches, and 7,441 sessions where it was for migraines.

“There is evidence that migraine headaches may respond particularly well to cannabis, and the underlying endocannabinoid system may be involved in migraine headaches,” explains Mazanec. “And cannabis knowingly helps with nausea in general, which can accompany migraines.”

How might cannabis work on the body to ease headaches?

The serotonin system of the body plays a vital role as far as headaches and migraines are concerned. Most lower levels of serotonin associated with headaches and migraines. Specifically, Serotonin is present there in the endocannabinoid system of the body.

Now proven that the dysregulation of the endocannabinoid system results in migraines and headaches. People who have less anandamide can take cannabis. Cannabinoids also demonstrate dopamine blocking and anti-inflammatory properties that may also be relevant in treating migraines.

Stress and lack of sleep also contribute when it comes on having headache or migraine. Cannabis plays its part here because it can relieve the stress and can make you sleep.

“THC in cannabis acts on receptors in the nervous system to alleviate pain and result in relaxation and calm,” explains Mazanet. “CBD use can also result in a reduction in inflammation over time. These effects combined can help people manage their stress and improve their sleep — because poor sleep is a known cause of headaches — and thus relieves their headache pain.”

Evidence that cannabis can exacerbate headaches:

Does Weed Give You A Headache? The study which was published in Harm Reduction journal back in 2017explains that cannabis is harmful especially when it is used to treat headaches because it not only worsens it but also triggers episodes. Timing, frequency of use, administration method, and dosage might be influential as far as the use of cannabis is concerned. 

According to Mazanet, sensitivity to certain cultivars may also incite headaches. “Some people are sensitive to THC strains that might cause them to experience anxiety, and that would not be a good thing for someone who had a headache to begin with,” says Mazanet. “People who know they are sensitive might want to try a hybrid product or one that contains CBD as well as THC.”


most compelling evidence, “There are many causes for headache, but the anxiety, muscle spasms, inflammation and other contributors to headache pain are usually reduced by cannabis, not provoked by it,” states Mazanet. That said, “deciding which cannabinoid to use for headaches is a very personal choice because people respond differently.” 

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