dispensary relating to cannabis is a place where cannabis has a legal obligation to distribute. There are laws and regulations pharmacies must follow in order to sell these products. All dispensaries cannabis or not will specialise in some sort of product distribution. Not just covering weed. Although cannabis dispensaries have many different cannabis products for sale or distribution. Both recreational and medical dispensaries exist.

The difference between the two is simple. Medical dispensaries only have a licence to sell to those with medical cannabis prescriptions. These dispensaries or pharmacies are a new craze to hit Australian shores. But first, you will need a doctors approval before you can receive these products. Providing all appropriate paperwork on site. the old school medical cannabis in America only ever took cash as payment. Therefore needing heavy security requirements for operation. However, recreational is where the laws are more laid back and less paperwork is required for the distribution of products. Meaning, anyone who is above the age of 21 (in America) is able to freely purchase these products. Recreational taxes are putting a large strain on these products in certain states.

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