Dab Mats

“watch the table!” just like your parents would say. The same goes for hot dab nail and dab rig. You always place a dab mat underneath the surface for protection. The dabbing mats will protect any surface from harmful heat damaging things like tables for instance. Cannabis extracts will get hot during the dabbing process. This is why having dabbing mats when your dabbing is such a perfect match up. Adding concentrates or extracts to the dabbing rig requires tools that are all hot. Dab mat protects surfaces as well as gives you a place to put the hot tools.

However, the dab mates material can either be silicon metal or glass. Silicone dabbing mats offer a grippy surface. Although accidents can happen, a silicone mat will give you protection if the dabbing rig falls over. However, some give you padded protection making it even safer. These mats offer a range of vibrant designs. You will always be able to find what you’re looking for. Whether it’s large or small there is plenty to choose from.

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