Crystalline Definition:

The Purest Form of cannabis concentrate. It consists of just one type of cannabinoid. Basically, it’s THCA, CBDA, or CBD. Firstly, what exactly is crystalline? Basically, crystalline forms from the constant refining process of crystals on a cannabis plant. However, It is the hardest product to make from cannabis. The process is well worth the wait. a crystalline is actually a form of THCA. With a shattered glass like appearance, these crystals are the most potent way of marijuana consumption.

A standard dose can contain between 80 to 90% THCA. Basically, with no psychoactive effects unless it is heated. THC is the Product that comes after THCA is heated. THC is then what gives you that kick ass high. The health benefits dive deep into the actual cannabis plant itself. Every terpene is beneficial to the human body in some way. A good example is citrus. Citrus aids to help the bodies immune system. Preventing common things like the the Flu.

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