Concentrates Definition: In brief, description. Specific terpenes and cannabinoids from a cannabis plant extract what we call concentrates. For example, Hash oil is a cannabis concentrate.

Cannabis concentrates let you experience the best parts of medical cannabis. They come in a variety of textures that you can eat using other methods.

Depending on the result, cannabis concentrates and extracts can be ingested,

added into a joint to increase potency, or incorporated into a batch of cannabis edibles.

Potency Boost

Adding concentrate powdered kief to your chop, wrapping wax around a joint, or laying the resin inside the joint can add to the potency of your smokeable with little to no extra effort.

These methods don’t require buying any expensive tools to dab

while still increasing the potency of your sesh and adding extra flavour from the concentrate.

making it subsequently easier for the everyday stoner

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