Closed-Loop system:

The eye catching and new ways of cannabis extraction is a truly broad topic. Marking the Closed-loop system as an effective and popular choice. Designing them for the ultimate extraction of cannabis oils. Extract both THC and CBD during the process. Things like Butane, Propane, and even a blend are the most effective methods. All in all, offering safe premium products for people to enjoy. while offering both inflammation and pain relief. Every plant producing its own unique blend of terpenes and cannabanoids.

All while scientist to this day backing the closed loop system as the safest cannabis extraction process. Operating at the optimimum temperature activating every cannabanoid and terpene the plant has to offer. With this purpose in mind, the process is only as good as the material. The material being the cannabis plant. Its potency as a plant will enrage the potency of closed loop system extracts. WARNING these products are not for the feignt hearted. With THC percentages ranging in the high 90 percent in some extracts. While the standard aussie mull plant only contains between 3-6 percent.

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