Do you enjoy the smell of rosemary or clove oil? Chances are its because your smelling this terpene! Caryophyllene is a terpene also going by the name BCP. When black pepper gives you the touch of bight this terpene is the reason for it. Caryophyllene unique compounds are the cuase of this effect. However the terpene has such a rare molecular structure. Because of this it contains cycobutane ring not commonly found throughout cannabis terpenes.

The structure of the of the endo cannabanoid system in the human body is complex containing many different receptors. While every terpene offers a different effect to them. Caryophyllene will combine with the CB2 receptors. Because of this, the terpene will not cause euphoric effects linked to cannabis highs. Although the terpene offers many health benefits. Offering inflamation relief and aiding stress. For example, bubba kush, Sour Diesel, Death Star are all strains offering high levels of Caryophyllene.

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