Cannabis Cocktails To Craft For Your Next Party

Cannabis Cocktails To Craft For Your Next Party: These cocktails made with cannabis are perfect for summer parties or relaxing on the patio. Try one today!

The Blueberry Mojito

This recipe is inspired by my favourite cocktail at the moment – the blueberry mojito. It’s made with fresh blueberries, mint leaves, simple syrup, and rum. I love how refreshing and delicious these drinks are. They’re also easy to make and will impress guests at any party.

What You Will Need

8 blueberries (fresh or frozen )

2 tablespoons (1 ounce) freshly squeezed lime juice

2 teaspoons sugar and 8 fresh mint leaves

1/4 cup of white rum

1 Ice cube

2 tablespoons of club soda

Lime slice for serving

5 to 10 mg of cannabis oil or personal choice

The White Russian Or Should We Say The Green Russian

If you’ve never had a white Russian before, then you’re in for a treat. A classic cocktail, the white Russian was originally invented as an after-dinner drink. However, it has become more popular during the day because of its caffeine kick.


1 Ice cube

250 grams of Kahlua

250 grams of vodka

250 grams of heavy cream

5 to 10 mg of cannabis oil or personal choice


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Cannabis Cocktails To Craft For Your Next Party

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