Introduction To Cannabis And Your Body

Why does weed make you cough?  

Cannabis And Your Body, the people who smoke, they are well aware that cough is the by-product of marijuana. We are going to learn why smoking weed makes you cough and what is the solution of it, in this article.

Why does weed smoke make you cough?

Coughing when smoking weed has a clear anatomical explanation, according to Dr. Melanie Bone, a board-certified OB-GYN and cannabis specialist. As she explained, “Coughing is technically a protective mechanism for the lungs and the tubes bringing air down to them, to open themselves and expel irritants.” 

When Cannabis enters Your Body harmful materials get into our lungs, we cough to get rid of that material. The Person should not be panic if you have mild coughing. But if the coughing continues, you probably should take a break from smoking weed. Or you may change the method of smoking. 

Does coughing make your high more intense?

People believe that the weed cough you have due to smoking can make your high extremely intense. But the fact is that both do not have any connection between them. “Another common error is to hold the smoke or vapor deep in the lungs for longer to try to get higher. It is as effective to inhale and exhale without that extra deep drag in,” Dr. Bone said.

Weed THC gets absorbed so quickly through the lungs in just a few seconds, so you do not need to have longer hits. If you feel light-headed, you should stay alert because your brain is not receiving the amount of oxygen it needs. You should breathe normally in such a situation.

Holding and inhaling for longer period of time denotes that you are taking more smoke into your lungs instead of cannabinoids. And you are certain to have more cough if you are inhaling more smoke. So, it is just a myth that coughing takes your high to next level.

What can you do to avoid coughing?

A slight degree of coughing may be a natural effect of smoking marijuana. “Few marijuana smokers or vapers escape coughing, be it an occasional mild cough or a deep hack-up-part-of-your-lung cough,” according to Bone.

However, there are some ways to try to reduce the occasional cough associated with smoking marijuana. Dr. Bone shared the following tips:

Consume natural cannabis products:

If you are using a weed that has some added ingredients in it, you should avoid that weed because it can cause irritation. Try using natural weed to avoid any kind of issue.

Experiment with inhalation techniques:

Smoking for a long time can cause irritation in your throat because smoke comes in contact with your throat every time you smoke. Practice inhaling techniques to avoid it. Try to inhale directly.

Drink fluids:

Make it your habit to take a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea after every weed smoke, so that all the residual partials may get into your stomach. You can also use hard candy for this purpose.

Conclusion of cannabis And Your Body:

Dr. Bone explained that weed coughing is a natural procedure to remove all the irritating partials from our lungs. As far as coughing while smoking is concerned, you should not bother about light coughing. Change your method of consuming cannabis. 


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