Cannabidivarin: It is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. Also, Cannabidiol has the same similarities to cannabidivarin. Cannabidivarin, or its other name cannabidiol or CBDV, is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabinoids. Only one of the 100 cannabinoids identified in the Cannabis plant can modify the physiological activity of marijuana or cannabis. The anti-epileptic activity of cannabidivarin CBDV and CBD can have different effects on the transient receptor potential cation channel in the human body.

What Are Cannabidivarin Medical Benefits?

Cannabidivarin: Like CBD in cannabis, CBDV can significantly reduce the frequency and seizures in patients. It also can reduce or even eliminate nausea associated with some conditions and helps to reduce inflammation in the body. CBDV is also beneficial in treating pain and mood disorders in humans. CannabidivarinIt can also help treat Autism spectrum disorder.  

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always talk to a doctor about treating medical issues using cannabis or side effects.

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