Cannabicyclol Acid:

There is THC, there is CBD, but have you heard of CBL? Probably not. This is because the research backing the compound is so new. Another name for CBL is Cannabicyclol Acid. The compound evolves commonly through Sativa cannabis strains. Forming the exact same formula as CBD and THC, although the compound has its own set of atoms. Meaning, it offers its very own effects.

This offers much more sedative effects than standard cannabis compounds. This is because the compound is generally a breakdown of CBC. Finally, CBC is a compound formed from CBCA or cannabichromene carboxylic acid. The older a cannabis plant gets the higher concentration of CBL the plant will get. Research on the this terpene is fast becoming a reality. Although, the terpene cannabis consists of such a small dose. Because of this it makes Cannabicyclol Acid more difficult to extract and study.

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