Can You Really Get A Secondhand High Or Contact High?

can you get high from passive weed smoke?

Secondhand high is also known as contact high. TV shows and Movies created this concept. They show that people can feel lightheaded just by going through a place where smokers are smoking cannabis. Therefore, it is important to know if Secondhand weed smoke gets someone high or if it can enter into someone’s system.

Can You Really Get A Secondhand High Or Contact High? The basic question is do you need to inhale cannabis to get high? Or can you get high from secondhand weed smoke? Is there anything like secondhand weed smoke?

John Hopkins study of 2015 affirms and rejects these concepts at the same time. 

Researchers started with a dozen people — six weed smokers and six non-smokers. In the first experiment, all 12 subjects spent an hour together in a small unventilated room, during which time each smoker went through 10 “high-potency” joints (with 11.3% THC content). Afterward, the non-smokers reported feeling “pleasant,” more tired, and less alert. And sure enough, their blood and urine tests came up positive for THC.

The second experiment repeated the same scenario. The experiment used a ventilating room next. All the nonsmokers reported to be hungry, but none of the nonsmokers tested positive.

Can You Really Get A Secondhand High Or Contact High? To sum up, if a nonsmoker spends a longer period of time in an unventilated room while smokers are smoking in there, that nonsmoker can be tested positive for THC. He may also feel the effects of it. Otherwise, it is just a myth to get high through secondhand weed smoke.  

Is THC active after exhaling cannabis?

According to the British Journal of Anesthesia in 1999, THC is best absorbed when the smoke of cannabis done by inhaling. Researches have proved that 50% of THC and the cannabinoids in cannabis products like cigarettes and joints make it into the smoke.

“Experienced smokers, who inhale deeply and hold the smoke. in the lungs, virtually all of the cannabinoids present in the mainstream smoke enter the bloodstream.” They leave very little THC in the air to be inhaled and absorbed by a passive weed smoker.

John Hopkins study back in 2015 shows to have to be in an unventilated place to feel anything. The cannabinoids even before reaching to you, will get disappear into the air. 

Is there any other study on Secondhand High?

The mid to late 1980s was when studies and experiments conducted to reveal the mysteries of Secondhand High. The toxicity of cannabis products is low. The low toxicity makes it difficult to feel the effects. The only way to feel it was direct inhalation. Although those studies are still valid, they need reexamination.

Can People get high from passive weed smoke? When technology took the cultivation by storm. The potency of cannabis also increased. In the early 1970s, the average joint contained roughly 10 mg of THC. Therefore, a modern joint may contain 60-150 mg of THC or more. The THC potency in today’s marijuana flowers is far greater than the weed from the 1960s and 1970s. Nevertheless, much of the early research from studying secondhand highs may be outdated.

A number of studies prove that the usage of secondhand high has worst health effects but it is also evident that the usage of secondhand high carries the same health risks as smoking tobacco does. Infect, there is no evidence of public health damage due to passive weed smoke.

The question arises here that is it possible to get high after smelling the weed in the air while walking through the secondhand weed smoke? The answer to this question is a big NO. John Hopkins study back in 2015 shows that you need to be at extremely unventilated place to get high from a secondhand weed smoke.

But it is the moral duty of weed smokers to stay alert and be careful about the personal space of others especially for those who do not smoke weed. Smokers need to leave the non-smokers alone from the odor and smoke of their smoking.  

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