Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed?

Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed?

Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed? can smokers donate blood? Or can you give blood if you smoke? Please note YOU WILL need to consult the blood bank in the specific State/Territory/Country that you wish to donate blood in and ALWAYS be honest with the medical professionals asking the questions!

As a matter of fact, can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed? Donating blood has never been at its peak as it is now during the covid-19. According to the World Health Organization, people are afraid to donate blood during this pandemic. The reason can be social distancing as well as the feat that they may contract viruses. 

Dr Melanie Bone, a board-certified OB-GYN, and cannabis specialist who practices in West Palm Beach, Florida, illustrated the importance of donating blood during the pandemic, saying, “During this time of Covid, donating blood and plasma is an excellent, free way to give back to your community.”

To save the lives of others, people who have recovered from Covid can donate their plasma. Plasma is the portion of blood that contains antibodies.

Are cannabis users disqualified from donating blood?

Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed? The general concept is that weed consumers cannot give blood. Dr Bone asserted, “According to the Red Cross, using marijuana does not immediately disqualify a person as a blood donor.” 

A study was published on the Red Cross Website in 2020, “The use of cannabis does not disqualify an individual from blood donation, but potential donors cannot give if their use of cannabis impairs their memory or comprehension.”

You will not qualify to give blood if you have recently smoked a high THC strain because high THC strains could affect cognitive functions for the time being. The lower levels of THC would be less likely to impair cognitive functioning if have recently smoked a high CBD strain. 

Do blood banks test for cannabis?

Blood banks do not test for THC. As Dr Bone shared, “It goes without saying that you cannot be high while you donate. Currently, there is no rapid THC test done to be certain that you have nothing in your system.”

According to Red Cross FDA does not require a test for THC. The presence of THC won’t disqualify you if you are not high at the time of donating blood.

What can disqualify from donating blood?

Can smokers donate blood? People cannot donate blood if they have synthetic weed in their bodies. Dr Bone elaborated, “If you use synthetic marijuana, either as K2 or Spice or as a prescription medication such as Marinol, you cannot donate blood.” 

According to guidelines set forth by the Red Cross, other restrictions for blood donors include:

  • A piercing or tattoo within the last year
  • Pregnancy or recent childbirth
  • Steroid use
  • Weighing less than 110 pounds
  • Any illness presenting with fever
  • Low iron levels, which may signify anemia
  • Traveling to a malaria-risk country within the past 3 years
  • HIV or hepatitis infection
Other requirements for donating blood:

People who want to donate blood regularly must take a gap of 56 days between two donations. Also, donors should be at least 16 years old to donate blood and his/her health should be good. The plasma donor must of 17 years old.

How can you still help if you are disqualified from donating blood?

Generally, if somehow you are being disqualified from donating blood during covid-19, do not lose heart. There are some other ways you can be useful. You can host a blood drive. People can also organize a campaign for a blood drive. You can educate people to donate blood by using social media. You also can make a financial donation.


important to realize, although being a cannabis consumer does not disqualify you from donating blood but make sure you are well aware of the requirements of the one you are donating blood to. Make sure to consult your doctor before giving blood.

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