Butane hash oil:

butane has oil, a cannabis concentrate arousing throughout the world for years. But what actually is butane hash oil? Now every old school person knows what hash oil is. Purely because it gets you high as f***. Old school or not hash oil offers many health benefits. Although, producing the extract requires a rather dangerous process.

When it comes to producing butane hash oil extracts it all comes down to the type of cannabis we use during production. The term BHO defines an extract where butane has been a method of the process. However, this does not indicate the strength and potency of the concentrate. Many different products are used to produce the extracts making BHO extracts such a broad topic. The plant itself will dictate everything about the extract it produces. For example, using a weak THC plant strain will produce a weaker BHO extract. Creating a potent extract will require primo strains of cannabis.

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