The flowers of cannabis plants will often be referred to as a bud. For example, “hey jack have you got any buds?” Buds is a common word even to describe cannabis. especially in Australia. Australias diverse and different lingo includes buds as a common word. Nowadays, they are being used all around the world for their health benefits. Although, these flowers offer health benefits everyone knows that cannabis gets you high as f***. Processing them into many different compounds. Things like concentrates and edibles are all forms of the cannabis flower.

Diving Deeper

Each concentrate offers its own special effects. From euphoric highs all the way to pain relief. However, before this, activating this requires combustion from heat. The heat chemically reacts with the cannabis turning the cannabinoids in the buds from CBDA to THC. THC is what actually gets you high. Without this the effects are all different.

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