Bongs With Shotty

Bongs With Shotty

Bongs With Shotty

Bongs with a shotty, also known as a shotgun or carburetor hole, represent a unique design in the world of cannabis consumption. A shotty is a small hole located on the side of the bong, typically covered by the user’s finger during the initial draw. When released, the shotty allows air to enter, clearing the smoke from the chamber quickly. This feature provides a more intense and immediate smoking experience compared to traditional bongs.

How Bongs with Shotty Enhance Smoking

The primary advantage of a shotty in a bong is the control it offers over the smoking process. By covering and uncovering the hole, users can regulate the airflow and smoke intensity. This not only allows for a customized experience but also ensures that the smoke is not too harsh on the lungs.

Online Cannabis Equipment Stores and Bongs

Furthermore, online cannabis equipment stores have recognized the popularity of bongs with shotty. These stores offer a variety of designs, from sleek and modern to more classic styles. Customers can choose based on their personal preferences and the kind of smoking experience they are looking for.

The Role of Cone Pieces in Bongs

In addition to the feature, the cone piece remains a crucial component of these bongs. It is where the cannabis is placed and lit. Online stores often provide a selection of cone pieces that are compatible with these bongs, ensuring that users have the right setup for their specific model.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Consumption with Shotty Bongs

Moreover, these bongs are not just for traditional THC-rich cannabis. They can also be used for smoking cannabidiol (CBD) products. CBD users who prefer inhalation as their consumption method can benefit from the quick and efficient smoke clearing mechanism of shotty bongs.


In conclusion, these bongs offer a distinct and customizable smoking experience. Online cannabis equipment stores play a key role in providing access to these specialized bongs and their components, like cone pieces. Whether for recreational THC use or therapeutic CBD inhalation, shotty bongs provide an enhanced and tailored experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

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