Bongs Online Next Day Delivery

Bongs Online Next Day Delivery

Bongs Online Next Day Delivery: Are you in the search for a new bong with fast shipping Australia wide? Look no further. At Cone Piece, we have a wide range of bongs and brands. Not to mention, we also stock a wide range of smoking accessories.

Our Best Selling Bongs

Glow In The Dark Glass Bong

That is correct. You heard it right a glow in the dark bong


Length: 28cm
Thickness: 4mm
Ice nodules
Frosted Pyrex Glass
Thick and heavy base to support glass tar catcher
Comes with 14mm joint clear glass stem (11cm)
It comes with a 14mm male cone piece

Pokemon Bong

Do you want to be a Pokebong master? Do you want to smoke them all? This Pokemon Bong is a masterpiece.

pokemon bong kit will include the following items:

1x 5mm thick, 28cm tall heat-resisting pyrex glass beaker with Piccacu decal
1x Pyrex glass conepiece
1 x Pyrex glass stem
1 x Exclusive gift from conepiece Australia

Chongz Multi Percolator Glass Bong 35cm

A Multi Percolator Glass Bong 35cm is a piece of art with 7mm borosilicate glass with gorgeous multiple chambers and arms.

Chongz Multi Percolator Glass Bong 35cm Product Details:

  • Height: 35cm
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Black Accented Glass and Embellishments
  • Removable Clear Glass 14mm Female Cone Piece
  • Multiple Chambers and Arms
  • In-Built Stem
  • In-Built Recycler
  • 4 Arm Tree Percolator

As shown above, feel free to come and check out our wide range of bongs in the Cone Piece online shop we have a massive range of Bongs Online Next Day Delivery Wide Range Of Bongs For Sale


Furthermore, have a broad amount of products that will suit your needs. We offer everything from Waterpipes, vaporisers, dab rigs, cannabis cooking utensils and of course conepieces. Also, we have Plant grow kits and all nutrients to help you grow top-notch weeds. To finish up, our range of dry herb vapes are the most advanced dry herb vaporisers on the market. All our ornamental waterpipes come wrapped with thick bubble wrap. We then Deliver with discrete shipping straight to your door!

Bongs Online Next Day Delivery

We recommend this product with your new bong  Grinder 4 part purple

You can find us on Instagram cone_piece_australia 

Happy smoking

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