Best Outdoor Soil for Cannabis

Best Outdoor Soil for Cannabis

Cultivating cannabis in an outdoor environment requires careful consideration of the soil you use. In this blog, we’ll explore the best outdoor soil options for plant cultivation, ensuring your plants have the ideal foundation for healthy growth.

Super Soil

Super soil is a popular choice among outdoor cannabis growers due to its enriched nutrient content. It’s a nutrient-rich blend of organic materials, such as compost, worm castings, and bat guano, designed to provide your cannabis plants with essential nutrients throughout their growth cycle. Super soil minimizes the need for additional fertilization, making it a convenient option for outdoor cultivation.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest

Fox Farm Ocean Forest is a premium potting soil mix known for its exceptional quality. It’s formulated with a balanced blend of organic materials, including aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, and earthworm castings. This soil promotes healthy root development and provides a steady supply of nutrients, making it an excellent choice for outdoor cannabis gardens.

Roots Organics Original

Roots Organics Original is an organic soil blend ideal for outdoor cannabis cultivation. It contains high-quality ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, and alfalfa meal to promote vigorous growth and robust flowering. This soil offers excellent moisture retention and aeration, creating optimal conditions for your cannabis plants.

Pro-Mix HP

Pro-Mix HP is a high-porosity potting mix that outdoor cannabis growers often prefer. It provides excellent drainage, preventing waterlogged roots while allowing for proper aeration. This soil mix allows growers to have precise control over nutrient levels and pH, making it suitable for those who want to tailor their feeding regimen.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Soil

When selecting the best outdoor soil, consider factors such as your location, climate, and cannabis strain. Additionally, performing a soil test can help you understand its nutrient composition and pH, allowing you to make any necessary amendments to optimize plant growth.


In conclusion, choosing the best outdoor soil for cannabis is crucial for successful cultivation. Whether you opt for super soil, Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Roots Organics Original, or Pro-Mix HP, each option offers unique advantages. By selecting the right soil blend and providing proper care, you can ensure your plants thrive and yield a bountiful harvest.

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