Best Cover Crops for Cannabis

Best Cover Crops for Cannabis

Best Cover Crops for Cannabis

Using cover crops is a smart and eco-friendly practice. Cover crops offer numerous benefits, such as improving soil health, suppressing weeds, and preventing erosion. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best cover crops for cannabis cultivation.


Clover is a popular cover crop choice for cannabis growers. It’s known for its ability to fix nitrogen in the soil, which can enhance nutrient availability for your cannabis plants. Clover also acts as a natural weed suppressor, reducing the need for herbicides.


Buckwheat is another excellent option. It grows quickly and produces beautiful white flowers that attract pollinators. Buckwheat’s deep root system helps break up compacted soil, allowing better water infiltration and root development for your cannabis plants.


Rye is a hardy winter cover crop that helps protect the soil from erosion during the off-season. It also adds organic matter to the soil when turned under, improving its structure and fertility.

Hairy Vetch

Hairy vetch is a nitrogen-fixing cover crop that can significantly enhance soil health. Its sprawling growth helps smother weeds and, when cut down, provides natural mulch.

Mustard Greens

Like arugula and radishes, mustard greens are quick-growing cover crops that help suppress weeds. They also release compounds that may reduce certain soil-borne pathogens.
Transitioning from one cover crop to another in different seasons can help maximize soil health and overall cannabis plant vitality. Remember to use cover crops that suit your climate and growing conditions.

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