Basically, bangers are a tool every days aussies use for having dabs. What a dab dab? Well dabs are a concentrate or an extract coming from cannabis. Things like, dabbing rigs and bongs are able to be used for the consumption of concentrates. Although, how are we meant to pick up the extracts? This is wear a banger comes into play. Bangers are a short name for quartz banger, some people call then a dab tool or a nail.

How to use a banger

Heating the tool with something hot usually a jet lighter or oxy torch on low gives you the best heat for the process. Heating the element to extreme temperatures as the extract is wax-like requires large amounts of heat turning it into vapour. Because of this, the banger tools are made with either a metal or heat resisting pyrex glass offer a large range of dabbing equipment check us out!

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