Are Bongs Illegal In South Australia

Are Bongs Illegal In South Australia: Regulations governing the legality of bongs, which are often used to smoke marijuana as of my most recent update in September 2021, may be rather complicated, particularly as they can range greatly across various nations and regions. The Controlled Substances Act 1984, along with a number of revisions during the following years, governs the use of drug paraphernalia like a bong in South Australia.

The laws on Controlled Narcotics

The laws on Controlled Narcotics Act makes it illegal to possess, consume, or distribute illegal narcotics like weed. Doing so may result in severe legal repercussions. The act decriminalises the use of small amounts of cannabis (less than 25 grammes) and the cultivation of one cannabis plant that is not hydroponically grown, treating these offences more like moving violations than criminal acts. However, it does not extend this leniency to the equipment used to consume these substances.

Are Bongs Illegal In South Australia

In Section of the Controll Substances Act, it is illegal to sell weed or advertise or display cannabis.

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