What is an anther?

anthers are a part of a plant. Firstly, the stamen of the plant has these anthers producing pollen in order for the plant to reproduce. Every plant known to mankind has an anther of some sort. In some plants, the pollen can be visible. Consisting of a yellow powder-like substance. Flowers will show their anthers making them very noticeable aiding the pollinating process.

because of this, the anthers help in attracting pollinators. For example, Bees. Everybody knows bees are the perfect pollinators. Aiding plant production all around the world. Pollinators carry special plant substances throughout the world generating more plants. However, plant pollen gives back food and nutrients from the receiving plant!

Busy bees will fly around the plant brushing the anthers of the plant. Doing this gracefully flying off to another plant is actually transferring a plants pollen to another. because of this, the plant female organs will then activate.


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