4ft Bongs

4ft Bongs

4ft Bongs: Water Pipe, 4ft Bong Bowls, 4ft Bong Stems, Accessories.

4ft Bong is one of the most popular types of water pipes on the market today. It has been around since the early 1900s.

The name comes from its length, which is usually between four feet and six feet long. This type of bong is made out of glass or plastic, and it is used to smoke marijuana.

There are many different kinds of bongs available, each with its own unique features. A few common ones include:
1) The bowl shape – bowls are typically round or oval-shaped.
2) The stem – stems are either straight or bent at an angle.
3) The size – there are many different sizes of bongs available, ranging from small to large

The name comes from its length. A 4-foot bong is about as long as a person can comfortably hold it. This makes it perfect for smoking large amounts of marijuana or other substances.

4ft Bong Glass is a brand of glass bongs made by 4ft Bong. They come in various shapes and sizes.


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