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This sleek silicone piece sits on angle to avoid any flames in your face as well as creating a more convenient and comfortable angle to smoke from. A well modeled hand grip for ease of use and a glass stem that’s easy to pull out.
REMEMBER! Always make sure you’ve pushed down hard on the base to create an airtight suction seal to the flat surface you’re using it from, otherwise there’s a chance of this piece tipping over when left with it’s weighted glass neck on.

Its silicone build makes it highly durable and just about unbreakable, so it’s great as a traveler, to chuck in a backpack, take camping, or if you’re just a clumsy unit who is prone to breaking glassys.

Made from food grade silicone with a glass cone and glass neck. This Water-pipe completely disassembles for easy cleaning.

All our Ornamental Water-pipes come packed with thick bubble wrap, packed safely and delivered direct to your door anywhere in Australia.