Ultra Klean Synthetic urine


Synthetic urine Ultra Pure kit:

  • 1x 2oz bottle of fake human urine
  • 1x Heating temperature strip
  • 1 x special heating pad
  • 1x Rubber band 
  • 1x Set of clear instructions 

Things like, Uric acid, PH levels, creatine, traces of ammonia and other chemicals that replicate the yellow mellow of people

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Are you wigging out about an upcoming drug test? look no further with the new Synthetic urine Ultra Pure. The ULTRA KLEAN brand came to light in 1997. Becoming the first non-biological synthetic urine kit. Because of this, the urine contains every known ingredient commonly seen in human urine. Putting the urine through all kinds of tests to ensure its quality. Things like Uric acid, PH levels, creatine, traces of ammonia and other chemicals that replicate the yellow mellow of people. However, storing the substance is made easy. This is because the urine does not need a fridge, freezer or thawing.

Using this Synthetic urine as a replacement for the real deal is a common practice. Many miners and FIFO workers use synthetic urine as a means of passing an unwanted drug test. However, conepiece.com.au do not condone the use of illegal activity with this product. All in all the Synthetic urine is a guaranteed pass rate for drug tests. Although many people use the item for other reasons. Testing and fetishes are another common practice with fake urine. Uric acid is a crucial ingredient when making these products, as urine tests in labs will look for these things. The ULTRA KLEAN fake urine definitely has these features. 


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